We Do Repairs!

Residential window maintenance can be a pain, but not anymore because Supreme Window Factory has you covered! Supreme Window Factory has been servicing glass, hardware, screens, and window functionality for years!

Door & Window Glass Repair

Glass repairs are fast and reliable. We understand that broken glass is unexpected, so we try our best to repair your glass as quickly as possible. We also know that sometimes you just want a different type of glass, so we offer a variety that ranges from frosted, tempered (safety-glass), tinted (brown, gray, and solar-cool-bronze), and to even a LOWE (energy efficient glass.)

Window Hardware Repair

Whether your lock doesn’t work properly, your tilt sash is not opening or closing, or even if the tilt sash is not holding up, we may have the right parts to make them work just like new. Contact us or come in to our shop to discuss our hardware services further.

Screen Repair

We can repair, duplicate, and even make new screens fast! We want everyone to open their windows when it is nice out, without worrying about the critters sneaking in with the fresh breeze. We have you covered when inspections are due and your screens are not up to code! Whatever the reason or cause, we are committed to replacing or repairing your screens quick.